Lock Service and Repairs

Our workshop offers full lock servicing and repairs for all types of vehicle locks, including car, motorcycle, van and trucks.

Make a key to a lock

If you have an old car or vehicle without keys, we can make a key to a lock from the vehicle.  Send us any lock from the car or motorbike and we will make a brand new key that will operate all the locks for that vehicle.  Ignition locks are normally big, bulky and difficult to remove, whereas door locks can be much easier to remove and less bulky to send to us.

If the vehicle has a transponder key, this will need to be programmed to the vehicle.  Programming of keys is not something that we can do, but we can provide a cut key that includes a transponder for your car, this can then be programmed by an auto locksmith or local car dealer.

Lock Servicing

Over time locks become worn and can start to cause problems when using the lock and will often shorten the life of keys.  If you start to experience problems with any locks, we can offer a full strip and service of a lock to make it 'good as new'.  Our servicing will include removal of old levers/pins and replaced with new to match the existing supplied key, the lock will also be cleaned inside and lubricated.

Lock Rebuilds

If you require a new lock to your car, this replacement lock is unlikely to operate using the same key as other locks.  Our workshop can rebuild new locks to match all the other locks on the vehicle.  This is achieved by taking the lock apart and manipulating the levers/pins to match the other vehicle locks and key.  As standard any lock that are sent to us for rebuilding will undergo a full service to ensure correct operation and a long life.  Once these locks have been rebuilt a new key will be needed, we can supply a non genuine key to go with the locks, we can also supply transponder keys if the vehicle has an immobiliser, but we are unable to program transponders, this will need to be carried out by an auto locksmiths or local dealer.

Lost or stolen car keys

If you are unfortunate enough to have your vehicle keys stolen or have misplaced them, we can rebuild all vehicle locks to a new key, so that any previous key will no longer open the vehicle.  This service eliminates anyone being able to come back and use the keys to take the vehicle at a later date.

To take advantage of any of the lock services, please make contact for full details of costs.  www.keytrader.co.uk/Contact-Us.html