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  • 2014 - A Very Happy New Year
    Happy New Year to all our customers from the team. 2013 was very busy for us here at we have dealt with many orders for key blanks and cut keys and helped out many a customer who could not get their keys at a local key cutter or locksmiths. Silca, the main type of key blank that we supply have kept us very busy with some excellent new products this past year including their new GTI transponder chips and associated blanks for car keys, these will be published onto our site in early spring.
  • Merry Christmas from
    We just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas this festive time.

    Best regards the team.
  • Key Codes
    Each individual locking mechanism has its own key code.  This key code is made via cuts on a key blank that correspond with the allocated lock to enable operation.  For example, if you tried to unlock a padlock with a key that didn’t match the padlocks unique key code you wouldn’t be able to unlock it.

    When having an original key copied, no matter how well it’s been cut, you will still be produced with a key one generation away from the original.  This means it will still operate and work the allocated locking mechanism but it will not be 100 percent the same or as accurate as the original key made. 
    Let’s say a member of the family gave you a copy (from its original) to the front door lock on their home to keep safe for emergency purposes.  If they happened to lose their original copy and require the key you have in your possession for another copy, this key would now be two generations away from its original, it may look the same but subtle differences.
    Knowing and supplying your key code to your locksmith for duplicates is guaranteed to produce a better replica than cutting from copy.

    In some cases the key code is unknown, therefore cutting from copy is your only option.  If you don’t know your key code, ask your key cutter to record the number for future reference.

  • Keeping your keys safe
    There are arguably few things worse than the sinking feeling you get when you return home only to find that you have lost the key to your house.  Even if this hasn't happened to you, you've probably at least found yourself in a rush to leave home but unable to find where you left your keys.  Keys are small and easily misplaced, but what they secure can be very precious to you.  If you keep a couple of simple things in mind, you can always keep track of your keys.

    Consistency is the key to keeping your keys:

    When at home, find a safe place to keep your keys, a ‘home’ for them if you like, the longer the same home is used, you will naturally by routine look for and leave your keys in the same place.  If you are a forgetful person who knows although you have a ‘home’ for your keys but never use it, maybe investing in Key safe will be ideal for you. A Key safe would be much easier to find then lost keys.  Not only can a key safe be a great ‘home’ for storing your keys but it can also secure and protect other keys such as vehicle or shed keys.

    When you leave your house, your keys obviously go with you once the front/back door has been locked. Make sure you find a relevant home on your person or in your handbag and stick to it religiously. This way when you’re out and about you won’t have to worry about where your keys are. For example if you like to carry your keys in your pockets, pick the left or right pocket as your keys ‘home’ and again stick with it. If you leave them in the same pocket every time you will have no issues misplacing them and instinctively find them.
    Maybe you prefer to put your keys in a handbag. If your handbag is anything like the norm, within time it gets full of ridiculous little bits you don’t need or no longer use. Therefore instead of spending time rummaging through your bag for your keys, always keep them inside the zipped compartment that you see in most handbags. If your handbag does not have a zipped compartment, its bound to have some sort of pocket or smaller safer place for your keys to live. This saves time and releases the worry and concern of ‘where are my keys’.

    Alternative key security tips:

    • a cheap rock climbing karabiner with a key ring, clips nicely to a belt or bag loop for extra security.
    • If you don't wear bottoms with trustworthy pockets, you will have to carry your keys in a jacket, coat or bag. The same principle of consistency still applies. Use the same ‘home’ and introduce this home as part of your daily routine.

    • If all else fails, make sure a neighbour or relative you trust has a copy of your house key to ensure if yours do go walkabouts, you can  still access your property.

    Please be aware if your keys are misplaced but you can still gain access to your property, remember your security may now be compromised. Changing your locks would be a must in this situation as you don’t want just ‘anybody’ gaining access to your home.
  • Finding the Right Key
    Need a copy of an existing key for your property, car, boat, motorcycle, garage, shed, the lot?
    Send images of both sides of the key you need copied via our on-line key identification form where our specialised key team can identify the exact key blank you need to make your copy, sometimes we can also produce cut keys from your photos 

    As there are literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands different shaped / sized key blanks available for all types of locks, why not save time and a trip to your local key cutter by sending a few images to narrow down the exact key needed.

    Once our key team have confirmed identification, our sales team will send you a link to the key blank for purchasing, and if your have a key number for the key required, we can also provide a cutting service for just   £2.00. 

    If your key happens to be one we do not recognise our sales team will still respond, letting you know.

    Take advantage of this great service, send your keys images today! 

  • Fire Brigade Keys
    Fire Brigade Keys from Keytrader

    We have the full range of Fire Brigade Keys for Door Locks and Padlocks

    FB 1 Mortice and Rim Lock Key

    FB14 Padlock Key
    Full Set of FB Keys

  • How Cylinder Keys Work!
    All those nice keys in your pocket, but have you every stopped to wondered how they actually operate.

    ...and as they say a picture, well a nice graphic, is worth a thousand words, well need I say anymore!


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