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Your online key blank and cut keys shop

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piazza helene told us:
very excellent service, low prices, very low cost shipping. All is perfect : thank you.

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Susannah Day wrote us on 28 April 2009:

Excellent product, superfast next day delivery. i will definiatly use again. thankyou

Helen Rowe wrote us on 30 April 2009:

Great company to do business with, fast and efficient.

Keith Swarbrick wrote us on 03 May 2009:

Good advice and prompt service, cant ask for more. Will use again.

Elizabeth king wrote us on 07 May 2009:

Being in the U.S. Key blanks for European locks can be very hard to find. Key Trader knew exactly the key blank I needed and had it. From order to my door step in a week. At pretty damn fast with the U.S customs in the mix.

Chris Chapman wrote us on 31 May 2009:

Great fast service would happly buy again...Thanks

Adeline Salim wrote us on 16 June 2009:

Great service, fast delivery. After I received the keys I went to my local locksmith, apparently they also have the key blanks (oopst!) but after further enquiries... apparently they were charging more than TWICE the price here for the blanks! e.g. it cost £8 to duplicate with their key... £4 if I use my own blank... so there you go! =) maybe I should start buying other keys too from here, like my house keys!

philip bullen wrote us on 01 July 2009:

Great service, shall use again. Thanks Bull-Locks

Jane Hughes wrote us on 06 July 2009:

Just wanted to say was very impressed with your service. Staff were extremely helpful with email queries and the key arrived promptly and well packaged. I will certainly use you again.

Sarita Gingell wrote us on 29 July 2009:

Excellent, fast service.

Dirk Lorig wrote us on 03 August 2009:

very quick! i ordered on thursday, and the keys arrived on Monday at Germany !

wayne whitlock wrote us on 11 August 2009:

good reliable sevice,very well priced will definately use you again

Christian Duddy wrote us on 21 August 2009:

Very Fast Service Excellent Price for the Key I will definately use you again.

jeff Thornton wrote us on 10 September 2009:

Great service... Keytrader helped me get exactly what I needed.

chris chapman wrote us on 30 September 2009:

Super fast post and great service.Best ever...

Carolyn Rumbaoa wrote us on 19 October 2009:

Thank you for saving the day. After helping me find the correct key blank, I then received the keys quickly at a fair shipping cost here in the USA. Thank you

James Wells wrote us on 27 October 2009:

Thank you for a perfect fit! Just checked them out in my TR6 today. The key blank prices were very reasonable and they work great. I know where I will get my next set of spares.

John W Clark wrote us on 29 October 2009:

Very Good price and excellent delivery time.Recomended.Thank you.

Kenneth Millar wrote us on 01 November 2009:

First class service. Very quick and very cheap Thank you will use you again

andrew hickling wrote us on 09 November 2009:

excellent products and service even beat the postal strike thanks

John Durfee wrote us on 09 November 2009:

Expert service and quick shipping, Thanks!

Martina Rehfeldt wrote us on 09 November 2009:

Very fast and easy processing. Key ok and very good value for money.

Seiji Iwahashi wrote us on 17 November 2009:

Fast shipping and nice value. Will use again. Arigato!

Daniel Shon wrote us on 29 November 2009:

Great Service to the USA. Quick response to my email for help finding a key - and the only place in the world that had it!

Mike sunderland wrote us on 07 December 2009:

Great service brilliant product and very quick delivery. I rate your service 100% on everything!!!

Jim Foley wrote us on 19 December 2009:

Great service, quick and efficient dispatch and delivery. Great prices and would definitely use Keytrader again.

Naj Jesani wrote us on 05 January 2010:

Promt excellent service. One query, (mistake on my part) also quickly and effeciently resolved.

R.G. Jones wrote us on 09 January 2010:

Couldnt have asked for a better service. Very helpful to a guy who knew nothing, and also superfast delivery. Thanks a million. Gordon Jones.

Josep Ventura wrote us on 10 January 2010:

Thank you for a flawless transaction: reasonable prices, cheap shipping overseas and an exhaustive catalog.

STEPHEN BIRCH wrote us on 26 January 2010:

perfect service, next day delivery, saved me a fortune, will use again for sure.

Richard Madera wrote us on 29 January 2010:

A pleasure to use this company. Fast response to a problem I had. Super fast delivery (I received my order less than 24 hours after placing it!). I would certainly recommend Keytrader.

John OKeefe wrote us on 30 January 2010:

It doesnt get any better than this.

dave marsh wrote us on 24 February 2010:

Great service, 48 hr delivery, after I received the keys I went to my local locksmith, he also had the key blanks, but would have charged me £6.99 using one of them... £2 if I use my own blank... so there you go! I shall definitely start buying other keys from

Peter Tindley wrote us on 28 February 2010:

After blank looks at several key cutting shops what a delight to find the simple solution on your web page. Amazing to have the keys delivered the next day! Great service, thanks

trevor hughes wrote us on 11 March 2010:

restored motorbike is now complete,mant thanks for supplying keys, will use again, a credt to the locksmith industry

Paul Wood wrote us on 21 March 2010:

A pleasure to use this company and to do business with, fast and efficient flawless transaction.

Geoffrey Willing wrote us on 01 April 2010:

One Word describes it all *****EXCELLENT*****

Tobias Ihle wrote us on 04 April 2010:

First class service. Very quick and very cheap shipping to Germany. Thank you will use you again

Aljoscha V wrote us on 10 April 2010:

Great and fast service! I got the car keys for less than 30% of what the dealer wanted.

Anthony Perrin wrote us on 11 April 2010:

Superb fast service and low priced

Marek Gaj wrote us on 20 April 2010:

Fantastic Service!!!! Fast delivery!!! Thanks guys!!!

Pamela Hasford wrote us on 20 April 2010:

Extremely pleased with the service, price and quick shipping. I have never received this great service here in the United States. Thanks!

Philip Brommage wrote us on 04 May 2010:

Excellent service, very quick delivery. Very satisfied customer....

Anthony Turner wrote us on 07 May 2010:

It would be impossible for a firm to be more helpful! Keys sent to me in France, here in super fast time - and the post was at cost. The cost of the keys, cut to their code number was really good. Absolutely first class - I would not go anywhere else now I have found them.

Paul Wood wrote us on 07 May 2010:

Extremely helpful, went out of their way to find the keys I required. It is a shame other businesses are not as officiant as keytrader.

Kevin Mclean wrote us on 15 May 2010:

Fantastic service. Extremely helpful on email to help me identify my key. Quick and efficient delivery. Highly recommended and many thanks.

M Thompson wrote us on 15 May 2010:

Staggering Service! The keys I ordered were received within twelve hours.

Ian George wrote us on 21 May 2010:

Keys arrived almost before I had ordered them. Amazing!

Mark Hanan wrote us on 28 May 2010:

Excellent fast service thanks

Neil Hogg wrote us on 31 May 2010:

Simply superb service - would highly recommend. I used a local locksmith to cut an extra key (for my motorbike) first of all and it was rubbish (very sticky key and quite expensive), I then ordered 2 keys from Keytrader and they both work 100% and the pair of them were cheaper than the one from the locksmith. Rapid delivery as a bonus.

Joao Pedro Martins wrote us on 02 June 2010:

Thank you so much Keytrader. You saved my car!! Fantastic service. Thank you again!

Rick van Hout wrote us on 02 June 2010:

Fast & Good service. Thanks, from Holland.

Emmanuel Georges wrote us on 08 June 2010:

I want to thank yoy for the excellent service. I wish all of my vendors were as good as Keytrader.

Mark McAllister wrote us on 14 June 2010:

The very best service you could ask for.

J Buery wrote us on 14 June 2010:

Your key identification service via a photo of the lock was great. Very good service and would recommend.

Troels wrote us on 28 June 2010:

I am so amazed that I had to buy spare keys for my Punto in GB. In Denmark I would have to pay £65 for one key. I will recommend your business to everyone.

Douglas Hall wrote us on 28 June 2010:

After a year of searching for the keys I needed they are now in my possession. Fast delivery and easy to obtain. Thank you.

derek campbell wrote us on 01 July 2010:

great service my customer was well Impressed thought she would never get the keys for her windows she was worried about security when she went on holiday.I Will Certainly be doing business again thanks

niels van beelen wrote us on 02 July 2010:

Great site, bought alot of keys Good services.

Joshua Lee wrote us on 07 July 2010:

Searched the internet for these key blanks for our electric carts & finally found them here. Ordered & received them fast. Great work all. Thanks, Joshua

sudhir ashra wrote us on 14 July 2010:

Nothing short of excellent service. I clicked on the wrong key blank when I ordered. Keytrader handled the exchange sympathetically and efficiently. Many thanks.

DEAN EVANS wrote us on 11 July 2010:


Alexander Bogdanovic wrote us on 11 July 2010:

Top class service from start to finish. I got 2 keys cut for my import japanese car after being told by local lockshops that Id have to go to the agent for the vehicle and pay a small fortune. Top class price too, I think 2 keys , cut to perfection, cost me less than than one from a highstreet shop would have.

michael banchero wrote us on 12 July 2010:

I got the quantities I wanted and also at a super low price. Delivery was super fast. This is a super vendor.

Linda King wrote us on 15 July 2010:

Excellent service, I would highly recommend for fast delivery and great price. Website very easy to use. Many thanks.

JOSE ANGEL MARTIN GUERRERO wrote us on 20 July 2010:

Just Perfect!!!! Recomended. Perfecto y rápido. Gran profesional!!

KERTOWIJOYO THENGGONO wrote us on 26 July 2010:

Excellent service, fast delivery and cheap shipping to Indonesia. Terima Kasih ;)

Con OKelly wrote us on 30 July 2010:

Great service. Well done - I will use again and I will recommend.

Ian Davison wrote us on 05 August 2010:

Amazing service , could not be more helpful . If you need keys there is no one better

Carolyn Wheeler wrote us on 05 August 2010:

This was really amazing service. I despaired of finding a particular window key but KeyTrader had it and provided it very quickly at an excellent price.

aldo fusco wrote us on 09 August 2010:

I live in italy and the service was super fast and at a good price, i will use again and recommend

KERTOWIJOYO THENGGONO wrote us on 11 August 2010:

Again and again, excellent service. I will buy other keys in the future from KeyTrader. Highly recommended

michael banchero wrote us on 13 August 2010:

Arrived in San Francisco in record time. Great communication and had the right items in stock. A super transaction.

Myer Rosen wrote us on 17 August 2010:

Wow! Less than 24 hours from ordering on the website. Great service.

trevor tarrant wrote us on 24 August 2010:

Great service. I was amazed that you could get me a key from a key scanned on my printer. Iam very impressed. HThanks again I will use you again. Trevor

Chris Hooper wrote us on 24 August 2010:

Found the blank on the website on Friday and ordered two - and they arrived on Saturday. Can not be bad! Had keys cut on Monday and they work a treat. Perfik.

Francis Cummins wrote us on 06 September 2010:

Got the keys I was looking for with no problems. Very helpful & quick with responding to questions. Speedy delivery.*****

jean-paul vial wrote us on 11 September 2010:

Excellent - i worried it would be hard to get a replacement suzuki motorcycle key, but they had one and very cheap. Fast delivery, will use again. thanks

Stan Grycuk wrote us on 16 September 2010:

Website easy to use, and I was able to identify the key required. Delivery was fast. Would certainly use again.

David Pentney wrote us on 17 September 2010:

Easily found the key I needed for my motorcycle, ordered a blank and it arrived next day. Will definitely use again for the next key I need.

Belinda Bauer wrote us on 17 September 2010:

Fantastic service. I ordered the wrong key and it was replaced without hassle. My mistake and Keytraders great customer service. Thank you.

Mary Hargreaves wrote us on 19 September 2010:

Very prompt service, keys arrived following day. A pleasure to do business with.

Joseph Dulick Jr wrote us on 25 September 2010:

Restoring 2 German built NSM jukeboxes. Could not find key blanks in US for the Zeiss Icon locks. Matched up the key size & slot profile visually from on-line catalog. Quick delivery, keys cut yesterday - perfect fit! Thanks so much for solving my problem!!!

John Kennedy wrote us on 30 September 2010:

Great service through out. super fast delivery can not ask for more than that. I know where to come next time i need a key/keys

Mark Norman wrote us on 04 October 2010:

Easy to find the right key. Prompt and professional. Use these guys!!

Marc GUILLET wrote us on 04 October 2010:

Excellent, I am very satisfied with the service. To obtain the copy of a key with its photo is simply prodigious. Thank you.

Mark Bache wrote us on 05 October 2010:

Excellent quick service

Brian Hughes wrote us on 09 October 2010:

Excellent service, I managed to find the key I was looking for very easily with Keytrader after being told by local shops that this key was no longer available. Quick delivery and value for money. Thank You

Jordi Vogelzang wrote us on 12 October 2010:

Very cheap and good service. Delivery in 3 working days to Holland

Ian Bell wrote us on 22 October 2010:

Bought an imported Nissan Elgrand with only 1 key. Nissan UK wanted £100. Bought a blank for £1.92, Cut locally for £2. I was recommended to try Keytrader on a forum. Glad I did. Thanks

J. E. Dennis O Connor wrote us on 24 October 2010:

An excellent company, service and assistance were first class. My three keys cut from a photograph of a broken key were delivered the following morning and worked perfectly. How I wish other service companies were as efficient. Many thanks.

Jean Carrier wrote us on 25 October 2010:

I am in Canada and own a european boat. Impossible to find blank key here. I ordered 4 blank keys form KeyTrader. Delivery in 5 days in Canada and the cost very low. Thanks

Gary Hillier wrote us on 27 October 2010:

Ordered two master key blanks for my Bentley Mulsanne, had them cut locally and they work perfectly. Delivery was super quick, price for the blanks extremely good. Many thanks! Youve saved me a fortune.

Peter webb wrote us on 01 November 2010:

excellent service,first class comunication and quality products ,very quick delivery

luigi guzzi wrote us on 02 November 2010:

I finally found the keys to my bike CB 750 from 1975, good price and delivered in Italy in 7 days

William Clemons wrote us on 04 November 2010:

I could not find the key blank in the US but found it on your site, works perfectly.

John Bartlett wrote us on 06 November 2010:

Excellent value and next day delivery. Will use again

Peter webb wrote us on 06 November 2010:

very good service.had a few keys of them now can not fault

Mike Taylor wrote us on 08 November 2010:

Very helpful advice and rapid delivery. Recommended. Thanks

Adrian Rutland wrote us on 08 November 2010:

Excellent service - prompt replies to email queries. Keys received next morning. I know where to go in future!!

Tobias Ebert wrote us on 11 November 2010:

low price and fast delivery to Germany. Thank you for the very good and fast service.

cauquil olivier wrote us on 14 November 2010:

very good service, keys works as well!!!

Paul Duffill wrote us on 20 November 2010:

Excellent price, service and quick delivery. Thanks

Derek Pearson wrote us on 21 November 2010:

If you were a lock, you would be a top of the range 5 Lever. 5 Star Service all the way from keyboard to hand. It is so obvious to see why you constantly receive such glowing feedback. Thank you very much.

Malcolm Witherden wrote us on 22 November 2010:

Keys received next day. Superb service at a superb price. Keys quoted at £14.99 elsewhere plus £8.50 postage. With Keytrader 2 keys for £3.29 including postage!!! Will definately use again.

DEREK CORMELL wrote us on 22 November 2010:

Fast delivery, quick change after the keys were too small which was my fault. Service better than I dreamed of. Thank you so much.

Peter webb wrote us on 27 November 2010:

had several keys from keytrader now, the service and comunication is faultless.

NIJOLE STANKIENE wrote us on 10 December 2010:

Thank you, All good......

Jeffry Nieuwenhuis wrote us on 10 December 2010:

Just like anyone else, but in one word : PERFECT!

NIJOLE STANKIENE wrote us on 10 December 2010:

Great service. Well done - I will use again and I will recommend.

Paolo Pistolozzi wrote us on 11 December 2010:

Excellent service. Expecially because of your accuracy. Quick delivery. Thank You

Tamás Gaál wrote us on 13 December 2010:

Extremely good service. Delivery was fast to Hungary. Thanks.

Robin Creffield wrote us on 19 December 2010:

Astounded they knew what was the right key for my Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer (after I had spent hours trawling through the pictures and still picked the wrong type!). They then cut the keys to code and delivered them in 2 days - very impressive

Raymond Cheung wrote us on 30 December 2010:

Excellent service, fast delivery, would highly recommend. Thank you!

michael banchero wrote us on 10 January 2011:

I recieved the hard to find keys from the UK to USA in record time. Very helpful personel found what I needed and in the quantities I needed. Super communication from them. I highly recommend them.

Jonathan Bregazzi wrote us on 16 January 2011:

Just the job. Easy to use site and very fast service at great prices.

Philip Hawksworth wrote us on 17 January 2011:

Great service! Been looking for months for old style cobra alarm keys. Been told at varous places they dont make! Well done you come up top trumps.thank you 100%

piazza helene wrote us on 21 January 2011:

very excellent service, low prices, very low cost shipping. All is perfect : thank you.

Stephen Parker wrote us on 21 January 2011:

After a year of searching for the keys I needed ,success. Fast delivery great price.

piazza helene wrote us on 24 January 2011:

great service : low prices, low shipping prices, quick delivery : all is perfect : thank you very much

NIJOLE STANKIENE wrote us on 29 January 2011:

THANK YOU.......................

NIJOLE STANKIENE wrote us on 08 February 2011:

Thank you, All good......

Ivan Soldo wrote us on 11 February 2011:

Perfect! First class service and product.

Nick Pashley wrote us on 03 April 2011:

Knowledgable and very helpful with rapid delivery and keen prices.

Marc Chervenic wrote us on 02 April 2011:

Extremely helpful, fast service, great price. Perfect!

Stefan Jockisch wrote us on 15 February 2011:

100% satisfied with the available key blank selection, the service and feedback on order status. Quick delivery to Germany. Everything perfect!

GARY DRANE wrote us on 22 February 2011:

Simply a fantastic hassle free fast service delivered direct to your door at superb prices. All keys ordered were delivered next day and all keys were a perfect match - no-one else compares to this service!!!

Steve Hennem wrote us on 22 February 2011:

Fantastic service keys where spot on and a very fast delivery many many thanks

Robert Butters wrote us on 27 February 2011:

This is the first time I have done business with KeyTrader and come away extreamly pleased. They kept me informed throughout the purchase/delivery period. I received the exact order perfectly as requested. A job well done!

Michael Race wrote us on 28 February 2011:

Great service, will use again, and recommend to others. Thankyou

marco bianchi wrote us on 01 March 2011:

this one of the best companys i have delt with in more than 20 years on the internet.excellent service and great prices even when posting to Thailand.many thanks keys work fine very fast delivery and great customer service and care

Gary Curtis wrote us on 01 March 2011:

have a 70 year old bike with no keys, the key trader were brilliant in both their assistance in locating the blanks & the subsequent cutting/delivery. A great company who clearly believe in providing their customers with an A1 service. Thanks Gary

Malcolm Witherden wrote us on 05 March 2011:

Another purchase from Keytrader. Same excellent service. Would use again and again and recommend their services. I even purchase keys from them for the local key cutter, when he is unable to obtain the blank keys. A Top company to deal with. Well done.

A. Max Solomon wrote us on 06 March 2011:

Fantastic service; Keys were cut to a code (not many do that these days) which ensures a much more accurate cut than cutting from a used (worn) key. Arrived in super fast time. The costs are very reasonable. A very big thank you!

Ian Glassford wrote us on 07 March 2011:

Amazing service, one day delivery from placing the order, very efficient!

Margaret sharp wrote us on 07 March 2011:

Fantastic company to deal with amazing service. Have told family & friends how brilliant you are.110%.

Andrew Doughty wrote us on 11 March 2011:

Brilliant service could not fault would recommend to anyone.

Stephen Gorman wrote us on 12 March 2011:

Brilliant service, excellent price, mega fast delivery. Brilliant.

ROBERT TRIBBLE wrote us on 15 March 2011:

EXCELENT SERVICE! WELL WORTH the added expense of dealing out-of-country! Quick responses to my e-mail inquiries. (high-fives) to seller AND service dpt! WAY TO GO! :o) Robert, Texas, U.S.A.

Stefano Griggio wrote us on 18 March 2011:

EXCELENT! You save my life. Very usefull and no problem with shipment to Italy! Great

Darrin Brownhill wrote us on 19 March 2011:

Excellent product knowledge and range in stock. Fast delivery and good all round service. You are now the prefered key blank supplier for my business. Thanks!

Randy llewellyn wrote us on 28 March 2011:

We could not find this key here in the US, did a quick websearch, and there you were... WITH the keys in stock! Quick shipping, our customer is happy, we will be using you again! Thanks!

Tony Ward wrote us on 30 March 2011:

Very helpful, efficient and very fast delivery, Excellent service. Thanks

Robert Wood wrote us on 05 April 2011:

Probably the best service I have ever had, anywhere, bar none! I have searched for keys for a lock in France and simply could not get them. Keytrader found them in no time, delivered them overnight and at last I can get into my mailbox. Fantastic. Merci beaucoup.

willie fulton wrote us on 12 April 2011:

wonderful fast efficient service.....very reasonably priced....a pleasure to deal with such an organised company...and the door opened too!

Neil Almond wrote us on 24 April 2011:

What great service, it was really easy to find what I needed (at a great price too) and the new keys arrived within a couple of days. Brilliant - Thanks very much.

EDWIN ROSSER wrote us on 26 April 2011:

In this day and age everybody want`s a good price but good service is a requirement as well ,sadly lacking in many retail outlet`s. I am very pleased to say that Keytrader delivered both in abundance and I am more than happy to recommend them to anybody that require`s their product`s. Thank`s again.

trevor tarrant wrote us on 01 May 2011:

Again, an excelent service from you. It is so easy,scan a key send it to you and back comes the key. Very reasonable cost also. Thank you

Thomas Eggleston wrote us on 03 May 2011:

I live in California and own a Pinzgauer, people stare blankly at you when you ask about keys for it! KeyTrader was easy to use, was quick to deliver and best of all the key fits and works perfectly. Thank You!

Michael wrote us on 16 May 2011:

The 2 keys arrived here today. Excellent service and exactly what I want. Pleasure doing business. Thank you.

Martin Rembde wrote us on 19 May 2011:

Seems to be great service within the UK. Still waiting for my keys in Germany after 3 weeks. Keytrader Responce - As explained within our customer services page Europe delivery can take upto 30 days

Lothar Kittel wrote us on 21 May 2011:

Thanks a lot! I was searching 2 Years for this key! but in Germany it was not able to get one! perfekt service, absolut fair price.

Marcello Crotta wrote us on 27 May 2011:

Very nice shop and service, thank you so much. Marcello (Italy)

Marcello Crotta wrote us on 27 May 2011:

A perfect service!!! Only 3 days to Italy

Sue Lyle wrote us on 21 May 2011:

Fast next day delivery, would use again Thanks

michael banchero wrote us on 22 May 2011:

Very helpful in all my key needs. I have never been disappointed. thanks, michaelb

Iain Stewart wrote us on 27 May 2011:

Found the key blank I needed easily using the excellent photos on the website. I received the key very quickly and am delighted with the service. I will definately use Keytrader again and recommend them to other people.

Nick Osborn wrote us on 27 May 2011:

Mega quick delivery, would defo use again. Thank you! :)

George Beresford wrote us on 02 June 2011:

What a fantastic service. Helpful advice and next day delivery. Thank you.

John Sorcinelli wrote us on 08 June 2011:

Great, fast, accurate service. They really solved my problem and I will use them again.

|Robert Branson wrote us on 15 June 2011:

My minimal order for a couple of replacements for an obscure and worn key was fulfilled with kindly attention and amazing speed.

J.A ten Brinke wrote us on 20 June 2011:

Great company to do business with, fast and efficient. thanks

Richard Faller wrote us on 27 June 2011:

Keytrader was not only able to supply an otherwise unobtainable automotive key to me, here in the US, but also did research using their key image application to correct my prior error. Amazing speed and accuracy at a reasonable price!

Stewart Gaukroger wrote us on 27 June 2011:

The service could not have been better, ordered mid afternoon and delivered the next day. Exactly as ordered, will use again.

Dave West wrote us on 30 June 2011:

Fast delivery, good range, good prices. Customer Services very helpful in finding alternatives when my blanks did not fit. Thanks

Mark Adderley wrote us on 09 July 2011:

Great service at a very good price. I have recommended you on the German Mini Forum. Thanks again.

Dave West wrote us on 10 July 2011:

Once again. Fast and helpful.

Raymond Davies wrote us on 25 July 2011:

Having tried unsuccessfully to get a key cut for my 16 year old Nissan Terrano I had almost given up. Kept getting told we do not carry that blank any more and if we have to order it, it wll cost but a search of the net for the key number brought me to Key Trader. The website is simple to use and I found the blank straightaway. Ordered late one afternoon and delivered free a day and a half later for less than the price of a pint. Brilliant all round. Thanks a lot

David Michell wrote us on 29 July 2011:

Local key cutting service tried and failed twice to order correct blanks. You supplied right first time very promptly. Excellent.

Roger Weaver wrote us on 02 August 2011:

A very fast efficient service. Many thanks

Graham Bloor wrote us on 02 August 2011:

This is how it should be done. Absolutely brilliant.

Delal Makansi wrote us on 06 August 2011:

Great service supplying key blanks unable to be found here (US) which we needed for a house overseas. Great website and prompt delivery. Thank you.

MASSIMO PINNA wrote us on 14 August 2011:

Found case keys of the 80s, impossible to find elsewhere. very fast delivery

Geoffrey Rockliffe-King wrote us on 23 August 2011:

Many thanks for prompt response. I lost the replaced key fifty years ago!

Caroline Cousins wrote us on 24 August 2011:

Really good customer service, very helpful and knowledgable. Great delivery. Would recommend and use again.

Karl Nabielec wrote us on 01 September 2011:

Very recommend service, got 2 motorbike keys (known Keycode) within 3-4 work days to Germany. Thanks a Lot! Karl

Brendan Cooper wrote us on 02 September 2011:

Wow! Very impressed with your service - and such a great idea to identify keys for the customer! Ill most definitely order this from you - thanks! :)

ABIGAIL Dilliway wrote us on 02 September 2011:

Great keys,very cheap and extremely fast delivery! Excellent!

Edward Huggett wrote us on 03 September 2011:

Quite remarkable, extremely fast, got me out of a very tight situation! *Bookmarked on my firefox* Thank you!

stephen edwards wrote us on 06 September 2011:

Great company to deal with.

D De Jesus wrote us on 23 September 2011:

Excellent service and fast delivery. Top company

Christoph Hain wrote us on 23 September 2011:

Fast delivery to germany. Fits perfect ! Can open the trunk of my old Fiat again.

john anderson wrote us on 24 September 2011:

Excellent communication and on my doorstep next day after ordering. Could not fault at all,superb dealer.

Alan Carter wrote us on 26 September 2011:

I spent a whole morning driving around local locksmiths and could not get my boat locker key cut anywhere. I found the correct blanks on Keytrader which arrived within 24 hours & filed them myself in minutes. Great service & price. Superb company, thanks!!

Hazel Whitfield wrote us on 30 September 2011:

Hi, I have received the keys. Many thanks. Im very impressed with our customer service.

david arnott wrote us on 11 October 2011:

brilliant service,will use key trader any time,very impressed and so helpful

Mike Ormond wrote us on 16 October 2011:

Fast service - would certainly use again

Luciano Carpinteri wrote us on 17 October 2011:

Excellent service, quick, clean, keys work in an excellent manner, highly recommended, thanks

david farmilo wrote us on 24 October 2011:

keys arrived in two days work fine

Simon Smith wrote us on 30 October 2011:

Very pleased with service, was looking at paying out nearly £100 for auto locksmith to visit and sort out 1 key. Keytrader were able to sort out 2 keys for a fraction of that. Fantastic, and fast delivery, highly recommended.

Asadullah Wadia wrote us on 31 October 2011:

Superb Service ! Rapid shipping to Australia from U.K. Got the key cut and programed from a local locksmith, atleast 50% saving as compared to local suppliers. Thanks Guys, Cheers

J.A ten Brinke wrote us on 11 November 2011:

thanks everything went real fast good service

nick oakley wrote us on 28 November 2011:

Fast and reliable service. Had the keys cut locally and worked perfectly. Should I have any further requirements I will be back. Thanks chaps.

Mark Jackson wrote us on 30 November 2011:

2nd time I have had keys sent to me in Aust. Both times were a great experience with easy ordering & prompt delivery.

Anthony Row wrote us on 30 December 2011:

Very happy with the easy layout of the Website,the prompt delivery and quality of the keys.....well done.

René Schelker wrote us on 30 December 2011:

Probably just the worlds best key service: I ordered from Switzerland an ignition key for a Danish engine built in a British boat some 35 years ago... and it arrived in a weeks time just before Christmas! Maybe it was Santas help, but Id like to express many thanks and a big compliment!

Todd Boudreau wrote us on 10 January 2012:

Very fast shipping to the United States, and the key works perfectly in my guitar case lock. Will certainly do business again. Thanks!!

darren seaton wrote us on 16 January 2012:

Very quick delivery and all the keys work as they should. Very pleased. Thanks.

Susanna Mascali wrote us on 23 January 2012:

All perfect, thanks.

Darrin Brownhill wrote us on 24 January 2012:

Fantastic as always! Excellent service and help when required.

Jean Louis BOUYER wrote us on 30 January 2012:

I ordering from France where it seems there is no societies for delivering even the key Blade! Keytrader do that with a copy from image, of my key. It works, it is not expensive and it is very quick! Thanks for your excellent service. I will recomend you.

David Harris wrote us on 12 February 2012:

I can not fault this company, very helpful

Domagoj Kuruc wrote us on 16 February 2012:

I am satisfied with my purchase, shipping was fast also. Will use it again :-) . Thanks.

Bola Folami wrote us on 21 February 2012:

Very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you

BRIAN STEPHENSON wrote us on 26 February 2012:

An absolutely brilliant service. Managed to source blank and cut my motorhome key from a simple camera pic. Already recommended to a large number of other owners via an international forum. If only there were more companies like this life would so much pleasanter.

Keri Rautenkranz wrote us on 07 March 2012:

Great service and fast shipping to USA for hard to find Trabant keys. These cars are a long way from home and extra keys are a must. They are impossible to find over here and my German is not so great. Keytrader saves the day much faster and at lower cost than my german suppliers. Thank You and Best Regards

Toth Laszlo wrote us on 15 March 2012:

Hi! I mm very satisfied with the site, and my order was very quick, simple and everything was very correct. Thanks!

phil 5 westgrove court wrote us on 15 March 2012:

fantastic, could not find a spare key anyware for my old camper van,so i sent key finder a picture of my key and 30 mins later had a mail showing me the blank i needed, i purchased 2, they arrived 3 days later, took them to a key cutter, now i have two spare keys that work great thanks

Keri Rautenkranz wrote us on 16 March 2012:

Our second order for Trabant keys arrived even faster than the initial, trial order. Great keys, fast despatch/shipping, great communication and a generally great experience. Order with confidence, these guys know their stuff. Thanks again for your great service.

Rose Mules wrote us on 17 March 2012:

What a brilliant service, ordered yesterday, arrived lst class today. Thanks so much.

Nicholas Perry wrote us on 11 April 2012:

Excellent service. Fast and efficient.

Philip Johansson wrote us on 27 April 2012:

Really quick delivery. Surprised about it ordering to Sweden. Have not tested the keys yet but they look pretty perfect to me.

Al Jackson wrote us on 16 April 2012:

Good fast service. Would happly buy again...Thank you

Edmond Castillo-Gars wrote us on 16 April 2012:

Perfect, in 5 days in Corsica where it was impossible to find those keys. Thanks.

michael booth wrote us on 21 April 2012:

Excellent and speedy service Will recommend to my friends

fulvio tommasini wrote us on 21 April 2012:

Excellent price, service and quick delivery. Thanks !!

ian faulds wrote us on 22 April 2012:

absolutely fantastic service,took about one day to furnish me with 3 keys, one of them even cut to the number. brilliant, thanks.

Mike Humphreys wrote us on 04 May 2012:

Excellent fast service. Good prices. Will use again.

Harry Olsvold wrote us on 07 May 2012:

Excellent service.

Martin Schallenmüller wrote us on 08 May 2012:

Great Homepage, easy to find the right key. Perfect communication, fast shipping, reasonable prices. Thanks form Vienna / Austria

Stuart Radley wrote us on 14 May 2012:

Excellent, fast service. Will use again.

Michael Hygrell wrote us on 20 May 2012:

Very good service. Fast delivery to Sweden.

Simon Booth wrote us on 21 May 2012:

Hard to find window lock keys arrived in 2 days and well below price of other quotes.

andrew broadhurst wrote us on 28 May 2012:

Fantastic service, keys arrived within two days of order. I was having difficulty finding the right keys locally next time I will come straight to Keytrader !

Michael Smith wrote us on 12 June 2012:

Thank you! Excellent service. The perfect key seemed to arrive almost before I had finished ordering, :)

Peter Bremner wrote us on 25 June 2012:

Perfect. Simple as that. Thanks

Neil Henderson wrote us on 26 July 2012:

Had trouble finding a key locally to fit the locking petrol cap I had purchased from E bay years ago- not only did keytrader have the key but they were able to cut it from the number off the old key! Thanks :-)

George Beattie wrote us on 26 July 2012:

What a quick service. Arrived one day after order. Key s were exactly what I required. Top marks to Keytrader.

James Mather wrote us on 16 January 2013:

‘Fantastic service, I sent Key Trader photos of my Vespa key and a couple of days later the new key arrived. I never knew a key could be cut so accurately from a photo! Customer service cannot be faulted, I will definitely be recommending you and using your service again in the future. James’

Brian Ibell wrote us on 25 March 2013:

Hi-i would like to say that you deliver a fast efficient and really helpful service. Your charges were reasonable,quality high and generally a pleasure to do business with. 5 star in my opinion. Thank you-Brian

Jim Butler wrote us on 01 May 2013:

Order 3244 Hi just wanted to say - great service. Ordered replacement motorcycle key in the afternoon and it arrived next day. Great service!

Jordan Ngata wrote us on 21 October 2013:

Excellent Service would highly recommend to others that are looking to use the site. I am in another country and I have had no issues with payment or contact. I always receive packages safe and in excellent condition never a damaged product received either. And also good customer service.

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