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Car keys for a wide range of vehicles, we supply all types of non genuine car keys which can be supplied cut to a Key Number or photograph of key.  Specialist car key suppliers for lost, replacement or broken keys.

Over the last 15 years car security has become a lot more sophisticated all cars and keys are fitted with immobilisers and corresponding chips in keys.  When a programmed key is inserted into the ignition lock the programmed chip inside the key communicates with the immobiliser and allows the vehicle to start.  Newer cars are now using rolling codes that change each time the car is started to defeat copying of the code from the key or vehicle.  Statistics show that vehicle theft has dropped since the introduction of immobilisers.

There are many different types of car keys often dependant on manufacturer. 
Double Sided, standard blade with cut on each side of the key
Tibbe, Oval shaped blade with angled cuts on 4 sides found on Ford and Jaguar cars
Cruciform, 4 sided cross shape blade with cuts on all four sides, found on Citroen and Peugeot cars.
Laser, Flat blade with cuts milled out from centre of blade, this is now the most popular type of car key.


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